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Mini Pancake Holster

Mini Pancake Holster

The often called a belt slide the Mini Pancake style, offers close fit to the body, on the belt, With a wide range of carry positions, Hand formed and fitted offer, retention, security and designed for comfortable all day wear. Holster are constructed of 2 Layers of Vegetable Tanned Leather with a Finished weight 10 oz.each side, which will stand up to a lifetime of everyday use,
The fully lined holster is made to fit a specific firearm. With some firearms you can use this style with several variations of a gun since the holster is formed around the trigger guard and slide, barrel length is no a concern, for Example the same Mini Pancake for a Glock 26 will also fit a G19 or a G17. Another example would be a 1911 styles will fit a Officers, Commander and Government also. The Holster is hand formed and offers more weapon retention, security, and designed for comfortable all day wear. Construction maintains the weapon close to the body and with the forward rake it makes the pistol easy to draw and bring on the target quickly. Lefty or Right side available, fully lined.
  • Details

    Lefty or Right available, fully lined.
    15 degree forward cant, can be increased or reduced to personalize each holster
    1-1/2 inch belt slots.

    Dummy guns are NOT included.
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