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About Greystone Leather


     My passion for leather making started young.  I grew up around animals, especially horses, and spent many hours at the local tack shop admiring the leather products which were made for the,trotters and harness racers. My first piece was a pair of saddle bags for my saddle. As a young boy, I can still remember the smell of the leather and dyes and sound of the old harness stitching machines chattering away as the skilled craftsman hands made new harnesses and repaired the broken ones.


     Thirty years later, I found myself down the path that evolved into Greystone Leather. I had many items that needed to be repaired and maintained, but could not find a local craftsman to do the work I envisioned like the skilled craftsmen I remembered from my youth. I decided to make the pieces myself; just like my first saddle bags. 


     The need turned into a learning experience and each piece produced new challenges. I put the ideas I imagined to paper and then worked the leather from my mockup. As I worked, I questioned how I could make a piece better. The weight, type, and finish of the leather were all taken into consideration as I made each piece to make sure it had the appropriate amount of strength, durability, and softness.


     Each and every item I craft has the touch of the old school craftsmen I remember from my youth. I make each piece as if it were for the most important person in my life.  These creations are one of a kind, not mass produced for you or that special person in your life.



Our Methods


We believe in sustainable resources


At Greystone Leather we have the utmost respect for the animals from which these pieces are made. 

We believe that when an animal is used for food or a finished product that the whole animal should be used. It is important to us that little if any part of an animal is not wasted.


Each item we create is cut from a raw piece of leather and carefully shaped to a fine finished product for your enjoyment. 


We use only American made and tanned leather  from some of the oldest and best tanneries in the United States---Horween Leathers, Wickett & Craig of America, and Herman Oak Leather. 


We re purpose as much material from buyers and producers which allow us to maximize the use of regular and special/exotic hides. Leather remnants from a vest, large ladies bag or briefcase are used to create watchbands, wallets, cell phone cases, and more. 


Items with a unique pattern or special look are cut to find the most pleasing blend of use and function, which minimizes waste and maximizes the product use to almost 100%.


I’m always happy to answer questions, or discuss a special commissioned item.


    David A Burns




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